Established in 2007, Tietz-Baccon provides design solutions for a broad range of clients.  As experts in Digital Fabrication technologies, and in concert with our Design Manufacturing partners at MACHINEMADE, we execute projects at a number of scales - from start to finish.  We Design, Assist, Fabricate, Coordinate, and fully Implement.

We engage projects that need design innovation & consider specialized ways of making - bespoke furniture pieces, retail environments, FEATURE WALLS, architectural components & systems, lifestyle products, commercial & institutional spaces, art production, installations, exhibits, pop-ups.

our design is augmented by in-house digital fabrication and physical production capabilities.  We inform our design solutions with real-time prototyping & material research: fully executing projects large & small.


Our 8,000 sq.ft. facility is in Queens y'all.  Design studio, CNC Milling, CNC Routing, Laser Cutting, Waterjet, more.


We are a partner in the MACHINEMADE network, a Manufacturing Platform for Design Professionals.